The story of Sierra Nevada Farms begins with our family farming heritage, which is now five generations deep here in California’s Central Valley.

This is where we raise our small premium sow herd, and where we do nearly all of the work ourselves, right down to milling our own feed. We all pitch in, even the kids, because this is our passion and way of life.

Transparency is our mantra, and quality is our mission. We don’t cut corners or pass the buck with fillers, preservatives and inferior cuts. Our sausages are made from “center plate” cuts that provide all of the wholesome flavor you could ever want. And we cold ship our products to ensure maximum freshness.

At the end of the day, we’re here to serve you with what we call “just the good stuff.” When you fire up your grill with Sierra Nevada Farms, that’s what makes us satisfied—to see you eating well, enjoying life and spending time with your own family and friends. It’s our privilege to be your go-to staple for premium pork goodness.

Tommy D
Proprietor & Third-Generation farmer

Proprietor & Fourth-Generation Farmer

Tommy and Caleb - Father and Son


What once began as an FFA project in high school and a soft spot in Poppy’s heart for his granddaughters; Sierra Nevada Farms currently houses a sow herd of approximately 250 sows. The herd consists of registered Berkshires, registered Durocs and various other registered breeds and Crossbreds, with our goal to provide you the highest quality Premium California Born & Raised Heritage Pork.